# Salvador Dali

"The Sandman" by Salvador Dali.
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lafilleduperenoel: once you get this say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send this on to 10 of your favourite followers u know the drill !!!

Oh gosh, you!~ (´∀`=) I’ll try…

1. My eyes have always been my favorite part of myself physically.

2. I’m dumb but I like to think its in a charming way and not in an annoying way. As long as I can make people laugh.

3. I have an open mind when it comes to food. I’ll try anything.

4. I tend to be very maternal with people I care for. Especially my coworker, even though he is 32.

5. I try to be empathetic with people on both sides of the coin. I try to be understanding when it calls for it.

That was hard.

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# Television
# Richard Lloyd
# Tom Verlaine
# woooow

I recall lightning struck itself.
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# Modern Times
# Paulette Goddard
# Charlie Chaplin
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# Hunter S Thompson
# Al Satterwhite

Hunter S. Thompson photographed March 12, 1974 on the beach of Cozumel, Mexico by Al Satterwhite.
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If you ask any woman here in Columbia who is the most good looking man there, I guarantee you they are going to answer Mr. Wallace. Mercy me, any man who looks as sweet as he does and manages to make Iggy Pop nervous is definitely one to fawn over, holy shit.

He came in today and bought the Pop Pop Yeh Yeh comp and it was hard for me too look him in the eye. Goodness.

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# The Soska Sisters
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About to work Record Store Day. On the upside I get the records I ordered and I get to work with my favorite people.

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# Vampira
# Maila Nurmi

Vampira in COLOR!
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